Anatomy of an eBike

Have you ever been on a bicycle and wondered what it would be like to have some assistance when you’re going up a hill? Well, now your dreams are over. EBikes are becoming a popular sight on our roads recently and we’re going to have a look at some of them in this blog.


An ebike rides like a normal bike but hidden away in the back wheel is a Lithium Ion battery and motor, that will assist you until you reach 15mph. You can pedal harder and travel faster than this, but the electric motor will only assist you to 15mph due to EU regulations. When you need a boost, like going up hills, for example, the motor will assist you, making hills feel flatter and means you have to put in less effort. This means you’ll arrive fresher to your destination and can cycle further and longer than ever before.

Ebikes are designed for pure simplicity so just pedal to go faster and brake to slow down. There are no gears to worry about, making it as easy as possible to ride.


The electronic bike uses a built-in computer that measures your pedalling in real time, smoothly adjusting how much power is being transmitted to the wheels, giving you a boost when you need it. The system is fully automatic with no programming or operation steps other than riding it.


The Motor

The motor is built into the back wheel and is so small it’s almost unnoticeable. The design is a 36V high torque motor. It uses two cruising speeds which can be operated at the touch of a button. You can also turn the motor off completely letting you ride it like a normal bicycle.


The Battery

The battery at the heart of the eBike is a lightweight high technology Lithium-Ion battery, the same type used in electric cars. The electric bike has a range of around 30 miles. This is more than sufficient for most day trips or commutes. The battery attaches to the frame and has an LCD display to tell you how much juice you’ve got left. The battery is detachable from the frame for easy mains charging. From completely flat the battery will charge fully in around 3 hours.


The Frame

EBikes are made from aviation grade aluminium, as used in modern aircraft construction. Aluminium is rust-resistant, so it will resist the elements wherever you choose to choose to go on your bike. There is a choice of a sports or city frame. The sports eBike offers a sports saddle and dynamic riding position and the eBike city offers a more comfortable saddle and a more upright riding position. The total weight including the full battery and motor system is a mere 16kg. Other advantages include hybrid puncture resistant tyres.

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