Stellantis plans daring electrification shift


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By 2030, Stellantis expects to boast more than 25 electric vehicles across its U.S. portfolio.

Ram will offer buyers the ability to haul loads with versatile electric pickups. Dodge will have performance enthusiasts burning rubber with zero-emission muscle cars. Jeep will have moved beyond its 4xe plug-in hybrid technology to full EVs still capable of off-road adventures.

Chrysler will no longer have any conventional gasoline models; it plans to implement a sleeker design language first seen on the Airflow crossover. Alfa Romeo and Maserati will have all-EV lineups by the end of the decade as well.

The automaker’s Dare Forward 2030 plan calls for EVs to make up all of the company’s sales in Europe and at least half in the U.S. by 2030. Stellantis said it aims to have more than 75 battery-electric models globally before the end of the decade and to reach global annual battery-powered vehicle sales of 5 million in that period.

Jeep plans to offer zero-emission variants in every SUV segment by 2025. After the first fully electric Jeep comes out next year, Stellantis says, the brand will launch battery-electric options in 2024 in what it calls the “pure off-road” and “lifestyle family” categories.

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